Do guys really care about sexy lingerie?

Maybe you may come across with the same question as the title:

I want to do something special for Valentine's day. I wanted to buy a sexy babydoll or bustier or something, but the perfect one is $50. Is it worth the money?

Do guys even care, since it will be on the floor within 5 minutes anyway? Is there something better I should be buying for Valentine's day instead?

In our opinions, it should be like this way:

 It depends on whether or not you have the money - but to give some background on why I think lingerie is 'such a big deal' -  We are direct wholesale sexy lingerie in China, we can supply them in good price.

Let's face it, in an even semi-decent relationship, it doesn't matter what you wear and he'll still find you attractive. Lingerie is all about the mood and about doing something sweet for his testosterone-driven side. What guy wouldn't be flattered and excited to have his honey all dolled-up and sexy - just for him? It shows confidence AND that you care enough about him that you don't mind (or maybe like) making yourself the object of his...well..sexual affection. That's why guys care. (It's kind of how girls care about flowers. Sure, they're pretty, but it's the fact they were a gift from him that really matters! Lingerie is like chocolate or flowers for most guys - in some form) 
Now, back to the feminist and reality side. Can you have a fulfilling relationship with him without it? Heck yes. Can you buy him something practical, with a deeper meaning between the two of you, and he'll swoon just as much (if not more) as oogling you dressed in lingerie? Sure, almost guarantee it. But a guy, just like women, has hormones. And we all hook up with a chosen mate at least somewhat for the physical side of it. Your call in the end, when I get lingerie it's just one of many ways to do something for him. Not the only thing, just an option....